Want your phone to pay you back?

Beta Version

JaxMob is a mobile website designed specifically for Android and iPhone SmartPhones.  It gives you access to special offers provided by the merchants that are nearby! 

  • Want to know what deals are close?
  • Tired of marketers taking over your Inbox, Facebook and Twitter?
  • Would you like to know about local deals on your terms, without the SPAM?


At lunch, you can open up JaxMob.com and see who is having a lunch special.  When looking for a place to have an adult beverage after work, let JaxMob.com help you find the perfect happy hour.


Best of all JaxMob.com is just a website!  No application to download, update and generally slow down your phone.  No sign up page to fill your Inbox with SPAM.  It is completely free and conventient.  Use it when you like.  Simply visit 'JaxMob.com' on your supported device, and let your phone start paying you back!

Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with 'WebKit' based browsers.  These are installed by default on all iPhones, iPods and Android Devices.  'Add On' browsers not based on 'WebKit' are not supported.